We are Rounds.GG

Rounds.GG is a Finnish e-sports organization founded in March 2021. We are a member of the Finnish Esports Federation (SEUL).

Our main goal in 2021 is to learn at every level: in the game, in the organization and in e-sports. We want to learnhow to build and develop a successful e-sports organization.

Rounds.GG is part of Radiant Sports, which is a subsidiary of Radiant Bytes Ltd. Radiant Sports focuses on research, product development, marketing and sales related to sports, e-sports and sports and wellness technology.

Ota yhteyttä Jussiin tai Toniin.

  • Toni 'FrisKy' Nikka Development and coaching of e-sports activities Toni 'FrisKy' Nikka
  • Jussi Kallioniemi Enabler, business Jussi Kallioniemi
  • Johanna Hulkko Enabler, communication Johanna Hulkko
  • Nuutti Kallioniemi Jack of all trades Nuutti Kallioniemi