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There are 743 teams playing in the ESEA Open. What and who is behind the names? Part of the preparation for a match is doing the homework about the opponent. There is a decent amount of information to be found on some teams, the history might be interesting, and you might even learn something from it. Some of the teams appear as disposable gangs with no history. Perhaps they also have no future plans other than having fun and playing this one tournament game by game. Nevertheless, all these teams fit into the same series and are part of e-sports content and context.

We believe that it is important for us to remember that while the enemy is the opponent and the goal is to beat them with your own team performance, they are people and they have put into the game what has been possible. More broadly, it is about the attitude towards other people, the respect that everyone deserves.

There is a lot of talk about toxicity in gaming. Indeed, it is in the common interest of the entire e-sports industry to produce not only interesting content but also to show manners and respect for the opposing team, even though it can sometimes seem difficult in the wake of the game. For this reason, we have decided to offer our opponents the opportunity to present their team before the game on our channels as well. We believe that, over time, this will generate not only significant content that supports the esports scene as a whole and its overall status, but also an appreciation for the opponent. After all, that is what all human activity is all about: encountering others.

Later today we get to introduce Turtle eSports. At 10:30 pm we will encounter them at Nuke and plan to bring a victory home. (Watch the match at Twitch)