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We are grateful of being approved as a member of The Finnish Esports Federation (SEUL). We are new in Esports, and can learn a lot.

In our application to SEUL, we stated that we want to create opportunities for players and learn as an organization. We also want to promote a tolerant and positive game culture and the status and visibility of e-sports in Finland. The policy of KAVI, the National Audiovisual Institute, on the application of age-restriction flexibility in games is a good example of an issue where the professionalism and weight of the federation is important for the development of e-sports in Finland as a whole. Read SEUL's statement on the policy here.

We have thought a lot about how to move forward sensibly as an organization, both in the game and financially. A dream map could look like this. This year, however, the key is to create a team to evolve. Our cooperation with Ezvalmennus and professional skills of coach FrisKy is crucial.

RoundsGG Draft Roadmap to Total World Domination
RoundsGG Draft Roadmap to Total World Domination